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The 8-track ambient LP is a glowing excursion through Moir’s perception of the world, as the album hums across vast plateaus, gently weaving in and out of endlessly complex pads, and into the pliant ears of listeners. Emotions gush as a mood of warm introspection sets in, with Moir taking us onboard as he sails across the glimmering sonic waves.

Included in Golden Circle compilation record, the second track on the release produced by Oliver Moir and Elliot Gooding as Sandman and The Wizard. The track is a fictional tale following two brave hero's taking down a vicous tyrant.

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In Memory Of (2020)
Funeral OST. 

The debut album on Funeral OST will be from founder Oliver Moir. The record is a collection of work he has created for his very own funeral. It is about a celebration of life, love and obscurities.

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Australian DJ/producer Flora Tucker has lived for years off of Melbourne's notoriously polluted lakes and rivers, an environment that has created his penchant for ambient soundscapes and deep sea bass explorations. His debut project, The Life of Mr. Yim, is a 3-track EP inspired by the all powerful Mr. Yim, a year 10 math teacher who incorporated geometry into his masterful fly fishing technique. The project itself is highly esoteric, combining worldly samples and experimental noise with subterranean industrial techno. More is to come from Flora, including a second adventure with Mr. Yim, all prepared for release on the Brooklyn based label, KONTAINER.

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