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The Caravan

The Caravan is an artist in residence program that will provide a unique opportunity for artists to explore and create new works anywhere in Australia. The program will be housed in a caravan that will travel to different locations across the country, stopping at checkpoints in cities and regional centres throughout the year. Coming soon...

Funeral OST.

Funeral OST. is a concept record label that releases music for funerals. Whether it be musicians composing music for their own funerals or for the death of the material and immaterial.


Domino Pals

Domino Pals is an Australian film production company specialising in producing high-quality, low-budget location-based films showcasing unique and diverse stories and characters developed by co-directors Thomas Moir and Oliver Moir. We believe in making films that revel in the weird, wonderful, bizarre and ultimately captivating characters you can meet on any given day. Coming soon...


INSTASIS is a Melbourne based Techno Collective giving homegrown talent the opportunity to play longer & harder in a back to back format.

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